Overwatch GeForce Cup is part of NVIDIA’s “GeForce Cup” series of esports tournaments which happen few times every season online and/or offline.

The vast majority of NVIDIA’s GeForce Cup titles are first-person shooters, real-time strategy, sports games, and multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA), being by far the most popular in terms of participation and viewership. All GeForce Cup tournaments will be streamed live on twitch so all gamers will have a chance to watch the matches from the comfort of their home even if they are not participating in the tournament. All teams based in Middle East & North Africa are welcome to register and participate in any of NVIDIA’s GeForce Cup tournaments.

Tournament Date:

28 January 2017 ~ 5 February 2017

Registration Date

Start : 5 Jan 2017 - End : 25 Jan 2017

Prize pool: 18,000 AED

First place: 9,000 AED - Second place: 5,500 AED - Third place: 3,500 AED



1• Games will be played with competitive rules of Overwatch.
2• Only point maps will be chosen randomly and presented to the teams.
3• Team members cannot be replaced or changed with another member.
4• All team members must be present on schedule time.
5• Battletags that will be sumbitted cannot be changed or replaced.
6• team captain must be available for contacting during the whole tournament.
7• The cup will feature a total of 32 teams, each team will have a minimum of 6 players, with a maximum of 7 players.
8• After registration is closed we’ll contact all teams that have been accepted by the organizers to participate in this tournament as we can only accept maximum of 32 teams.
9- Organizers of this tournament have the right to change any details and/or tournament rules and/or timings and/or any other details related to this tournament anytime without notice. It is the registered teams's responsibility to check the tournament's website to stay updated about all the details of this tournament.
***Any team that does not follow these rules will be automatically disqualified.***


•Free Entry
•The first 3 stages of the cup will follow the knockout system: Single elimination.(Loser is immediately eliminated from the cup.)
•However, The semi-finals and final will be a best out of three.
•Open to all teams from Middle East & North Africa
•The cup will feature maximum of 32 teams based on first come first serve registration format

For any Question please contact us at : owGeforceCup@arabhardware.net



Note : Time Zone is GMT+3, Saudi Arabia